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K154433N50 Potentiometer

BTA81K002 knorr test for caliper sensor covers added into our range.This case is also able to test the Maxx22 sensor.Also if you want to check the ABS sensors pls ask for the extra adoptor and you can check the ABS sensors with this case.Simply to use as everthing is automotic in this box. BrakingTecH recommends that […]

19 July 2018

SL7 and SM7 variants brake adjuster

BrakingTecH presents the new BTK10197 SL7&SM7 adjuster just added into our range after all requested tests approved. The SL7 and SM7 brakes are fitted to the following Daimler Actros models. 930, 932, 933, 934, 940, 942, 943, 944, 950.5 /6, 953.6, 954.5 Follow the BrakingTecH news for the latest news in braking techs tips. BrakingTecH Team […]

16 July 2018

SL..7 -SM..7 inspection..Caliper Check

The serviced,replaced or sold products must be checked for correct function and effectiveness .. brakepad to rotor,knorr requires gap must measure between 0.6 – 1.1 mm.,and what we advise when you install BT.mechanism between 0.90mm to mostly to 1.50mm.. If the clearance is too great, there is a danger of brake failure. If the clearance is […]

7 July 2018

Latest Variants single pistons knorr-bremse mechanisms

BrakingTecH added into BTK10203 the range of the former SB5,SN5 single pistons light commercial vehicles knorr series mechanisms.After 2015 all models of MAN TGL or 12180 light trucks having this mechanisms in the caliper. Pls follow us for the newest BrakingTecH tips from our news section.. BrakingTecH Product Development…

21 May 2018

BrakingTech New Project

BrakingTech Quality Team    

8 May 2018

BrakingTecH durability

We use the best to deliver the best. That is why we continuously upgrade our technologies and invest only in the best machinery. Our facility houses: Turning centers Grinding machines CNC lathes and mills Vertical and horizontal machining centers Cold-Hot Forging tech. Industries is open to expanding its machining capabilities above and beyond our present […]

24 April 2018

Pan testing…

BrakingTecH pan series mechanisms testing process..   Mechanisms are the key of the caliper and we are doing the best to send the finest mechanisms before packed.  

16 April 2018


BrakingTecH is excited to announce the launch of our The new and improved catalog features the latest technology and is accessible from your desktop, tablet or mobile device, ensuring that you will find the exact information you are looking for to complete your brake job accurately and efficiently. Our new catalog features several exciting […]

13 April 2018

BraKingTecH Pistons

BrakingTecH presents the high quality machined pistons Brembo,Girling-Lucas ,Meritor variants pistons. A piston is probably the most important part of the braking system. It is the part that forces the brake pads to close on the discs and bring the vehicle to a halt. Pistons move when hydraulic pressure from the brake pedal is applied. […]

6 April 2018

Meritor Brake Tool Kit MBT 1000 / MST 1000

OEM: MBT.1000 / MST.1000 .,MST3001,21221511,TT Ref No:CMSK.22 BrakingTecH presents the BTA81M001 tool case meritor for the Brake specialist people. Bush retainer and removal tool kit. Elsa2,EX225,Duco,D3 BrakingTecH Quality Team… WE DON’T TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED WE LISTEN TO WHAT YOU REQUIRE !

21 February 2018

Brake Disc Kit DAF 1693978

BrakingTecH disc kit BTF5510821 for DAF / All Types just added into the range of us.All tests are approved and ready to serve to our clients.Please ask for it to BrakingTecH Sales Team.. OEM Refs to comparison ; 1693978 – 1393561 – 1690788 – 1691889 – 1393560 BrakingTecH Team…

27 December 2017

Brake Disc Kit Volvo 20375549

BrakingTecH disc kit BTF5510846 for Volvo FH/FM Series just added into the range of us.All tests are approved and ready to serve to our clients.Please ask for it to BrakingTecH Sales Team.. OEM Refs to comparison ; 20375549 – 1074468 – 3092224 – 3988839 BrakingTecH Team…

27 December 2017