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BrakingTecH SB7 Universal Potentiometer Cover

BrakingTecH now just finished new design sensor cover BTK10065-03 can be used both “screw”or clip “for the remanufactured axial knorr calipers… This new design cover enables the installer to fit the same caliper to vehicles with either ‘screw’ type potentiometer plugs or ‘clips’ type potentiometer plugs without the need for wiring or plug modifications. The […]

23 February 2020

Latest Variants single pistons knorr-bremse mechanisms

BrakingTecH added into BTK10203 the range of the former SB5,SN5 single pistons light commercial vehicles knorr series mechanisms.After 2015 all models of MAN TGL or 12180 light trucks having this mechanisms in the caliper. Pls follow us for the newest BrakingTecH tips from our news section.. BrakingTecH Product Development…

21 January 2020

Caliper Bellow Seal BTKW11001

BT Special Design for Knorr&Wabco Caliper Levers where the brake chamber connected. for a Longer Service Life in brake systems cost reduction We will keep improve our range! BrakingTecH Team..

7 January 2020

BrakingTecH Tool Box

BTA81K001 tool box to replace the kits from the calipers easiest way.This universal box will give you the chance to replace parts all knorr series include the SL7-SM7  besides the newest variant also the BPW eco plus caliper in 1 case.   BraKingTecH Sales Team… WE DON’T TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED WE LISTEN TO WHAT YOU […]

19 December 2019

Quality Improvement for a Longer Service Life

One of the biggest problems preventing Disc Brakes from operating properly is RUST… Water, salt, heat and dirt make the GUIDE PINS on which the caliper slides rust. NOT BrakingTecH ! BrakingTecH HAS DEVELOPED GUIDES IN ESPECIALY has rust problem in knorr variant calipers 32x80mm pins have longer life than any other competitors. But now also we are […]

16 November 2019

SL7 and SM7 variants brake adjuster

BrakingTecH presents the new BTK10197 SL7&SM7 adjuster just added into our range after all requested tests approved. The SL7 and SM7 brakes are fitted to the following Daimler Actros models. 930, 932, 933, 934, 940, 942, 943, 944, 950.5 /6, 953.6, 954.5 Follow the BrakingTecH news for the latest news in braking tech tips. BrakingTecH Team […]

16 September 2019


INSTALL AND REMOVE BOLTS AND BRIDGES QUICKLY #BTA81K004                                                      Use the BTA series BrakingTecH tools ,Removal&Installation Screws&Bridges on your vehicles and Knorr calipers

7 September 2019

COMTRANS 2019 International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show

Comtrans 2019 exhibition in Moscow Crocus ExpoCenter once again will give us a great opportunity to renew existing friendships as well as making new contacts with a number of potential new customers from across the RUSSIA. We would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who will take the time to visit our stand […]

8 August 2019

K154433N50 Potentiometer

BTA81K002 knorr test for caliper sensor covers added into our range.This case is also able to test the Maxx22 sensor.Also if you want to check the ABS sensors pls ask for the extra adoptor and you can check the ABS sensors with this case.Simply to use as everthing is automatic in this box. Also now […]

19 July 2019

BrakingTecH sales points,distributors or agents worldwide

At the moment, our company is developing fast in our home market and we already have some distributors in third countries. We now seek additional reputable agents / distributors to extend our global reach and sales worldwide. Specifically, we are looking for experienced people or companies who know their home markets and will be able to effectively […]

3 June 2019

BrakingTecH grease for Brake Systems Replacements of OEM & OES Aftermarket

BrakingTecH presents the White grease sachet BTGO1001  Assembly Grease 5 gm,II14525 BrakingTecH White Grease is a Multi-Purpose high quality NLGI #2 formulation. White and creamy in appearance, the White Grease resist extreme pressure properties and is recommended for everything from metal to rubber parts in  trucks,cars tractors, Not recommended for use in wheel bearings. Key Benefits Meets […]

2 May 2019

BraKingTecH Pistons

BrakingTecH presents the high quality machined pistons Brembo,Girling-Lucas ,Meritor variants pistons. A piston is probably the most important part of the braking system. It is the part that forces the brake pads to close on the discs and bring the vehicle to a halt. Pistons move when hydraulic pressure from the brake pedal is applied. […]

6 April 2019